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United States Patent And Trademark Office  Multimedia experts

Patent attorney Gary K. Price (# 15051-82)  Market Launchers lists your inventions on our invention database, where companies can see them. Web design services, too.  A good resource for "paradigm shift" developments.

The Invention Dimension at M.I.T.

R. J. Riley's Scam Alert Page

Invention Mythology 101

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"You Might be an Inventor IF ..." e-book by George Morgan, Gary Price, and Jacob Walker (Kindle edition, January 2012)

Military HyVee Ox

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Patent Fetcher  Free public site - A FREE patent search tool

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Patent Monkey

Google Patent Search

The Teaching Company    Exceptionally well taught courses. I found "Games People Play: Game Theory in Life, Business, and Beyond" very helpful in invention development strategy and decision making. Also, "Art of Critical Decision Making" is very helpful. I also purchased "Argumentation: The Study of Effective Reasoning". It sounds pretty good & was on sale, as were the other two.

Reader Submitted Links:

Communication Throughout History    An overview of Near Field Communication (NFC) and how it will change our everyday lives.

Appliances That Changed The Home Forever    A wide list of several appliances; from microwave ovens to internet radio, and how they have greatly affected modern living.

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